Our Swerve Realtime 3D test demo will be available shortly.
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Brilliant Sky

Brilliant Sky is a series of immersive and interactive 3D experiences created by Swerve.
Unity 3D is our current development platform.
Some of these experiences will be designed for VR / Virtual Reality and AR / Augmented Reality.

50 Acres of Imagination
Brilliant Sky Volume 1

Land.  Water.  Sun.  Moon.  Trees.  Light.  Music  &  You.

More info coming soon.
Launching in Autumn 2016. 

The Emerald Ocean of Translucent Enlightenment
Brilliant Sky Volume 2

Life  Death  Life  Music  Plants  Pain  Bliss  &  The Godhead

An Art Show, Interactive Movie, Game and VR/AR experience.
More information will be posted here in the summer of 2016.

Scroll down to see some screenshots.
(More screenshots will be added in the next while)